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10th Week in Ordinary Time 2024

The Vatican announced recently the wonderful news that Carlo Acutis, a 15 year old boy who passed away in 2015 from leukemia, will be canonized a saint!

Christians are crazy!!

When we say that someone is “crazy” it often means they’re acting in a way that’s outside the norm, doing things that others might find irrational or nonsensical. 

But if we look closely, this “craziness” is precisely what Jesus calls us to embrace. 

Christians are crazy…because Jesus was crazy!

In today’s Gospel, Jesus’ relatives think He’s lost His mind because He’s so completely devoted to His mission. The scribes go even further, accusing Him of being possessed by Beelzebul. 

Jesus, however, stands firm in His mission, knowing that His “madness” is actually the wisdom of God.

This got me thinking about how, in many ways, Christians are called to be “crazy” by the world’s standards.

Think about our call to serve the poor. In a world obsessed with accumulating wealth and comfort, Christians are called to give generously, to serve those in need without expecting anything in return. 

This kind of selflessness is seen as foolishness by many, yet it’s at the heart of the Gospel.

Forgiveness is another area where we might be considered crazy. The natural human inclination is to hold onto grudges, to seek revenge, or at least to distance ourselves from those who have hurt us. 

Yet, Jesus teaches us to forgive seventy times seven times. This radical forgiveness is a hallmark of Christian life and often leaves others scratching their heads.

Loving our enemies is perhaps one of the most radical teachings of Jesus. The world tells us to hate those who harm us, but Jesus calls us to pray for them and seek their good. This is a love that transcends human logic and embodies divine compassion.

In a culture that values excess and luxury, Christians are called to live simply and humbly. We are encouraged to detach ourselves from material possessions and find contentment in what we have. 

This simplicity can be seen as strange in a world that equates success with abundance.

Christians are called to stand up for justice and to speak out against oppression and inequality. This often means going against the status quo and challenging systems of power. It can be seen as disruptive or rebellious, but it is essential to living out the Gospel.

Recently, the Vatican announced that Carlo Acutis will be canonized a saint. Carlo was a young man who used his gifts in technology to spread the Gospel. 

Before he died from leukemia in 2006 at the age of 15 he created a website cataloging Eucharistic miracles around the world, and he spent his short life devoted to the sacraments and helping those in need. 

To many, especially in a secular world, Carlo’s dedication might seem unusual, even “crazy.” But his life shows us that holiness often involves embracing this kind of divine madness.

So, are we crazy for following Jesus? By the world’s standards, perhaps we are. But in God’s eyes, we are simply living out the radical love and mercy that He calls us to. 

Let’s embrace this “craziness” with joy, knowing that it brings us closer to the heart of Christ.

Let us pray for the courage to live out our faith boldly, even when it sets us apart. 

May we find inspiration in the saints, like Carlo Acutis, who show us that being “crazy” for Christ is the sanest thing we can do.

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