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11th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Last Sunday in Philadelphia a section of the important highway, Interstate 95, suffered a devastating collapse. According to local authorities it is going to take several months to repair that highway.

This highway, like so many others, is a vital artery, a connector that facilitates our movements and serves as a lifeline for our daily routines. When such a pathway is damaged, it causes ripples of confusion, delays, and difficulties.

As Christians, we are like these highways. We are spiritual pathways, intended to connect people to the love and compassion of God. When we function properly, we uplift, inspire, and lead those around us towards God's divine grace. But, if we become damaged or hindered by the trials we face, the impact can be deeply felt.

Today's Gospel reading tells us how Jesus, moved with a profound compassion for the multitudes, chose to take action. And here we find a beautiful detail: Jesus called twelve individuals, by name, to become His disciples. He entrusted them with a mission to heal, cleanse, raise, and drive out the evils of their time.

In a way, He was commissioning them to be the builders and maintainers of the spiritual highways that would connect people to God's love.

Each of us, baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, have been similarly called. We are chosen, by name, to build and maintain these spiritual highways.

This Sunday, we also celebrate Father's Day, a day where we honor our earthly fathers and father figures who have guided us, protected us, and helped build our own personal 'highways' in life.

Let us remember that our Heavenly Father, through the ultimate sacrifice of His Son, has paved the way for our eternal salvation.

Just as those travelers affected by the I-95 collapse now face detours and obstacles, we too encounter various obstacles on our spiritual journey. These trials may require sacrifices, but we are called to endure and continue on our path, spreading God's love to those around us.

Let us strive to be like well-maintained, strong highways, providing a clear and direct path to God's love and grace. Remember, each act of compassion, each kind word, each expression of love strengthens this spiritual highway.

Let us also offer a special prayer for all fathers and father figures, asking that they may continue to guide and love in the image of our Heavenly Father.

We are more than followers of Christ; we are His disciples, called by name, chosen to be the spiritual highways of His love and mercy, tasked with bringing His healing and hope to the world.

Let us heed His call today and always. Amen."

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