• Christopher Looby

Love at First Sight

Both readings today from the Book of Genesis and Matthew's gospel tell a story about love at first sight.

In Genesis, Rebekah sees Isaac from a distance and immediately falls in love in love with him. Isaac is smitten with her, too, and takes her into his home and marries her.

In the Gospel, Mathew the tax collector meets Jesus while he walking past his customs post (probably his office building). Knowing full well that he is a tax collector and hated and despised by his friends and neighbors, Jesus calls Matthew to follow him. The Pharisees and scribes are appalled that Jesus would associate with a guy like Matthew and other tax collectors and sinners. Jesus has a great comeback directed to them: "Go learn the meaning of love and mercy!"

Jesus falls in love with all of as at first sight even in our sinfulness. He wants to enter our lives and make his home in our hearts. In his mercy, he looks beyond our sins and imperfections and sees the good in all of us (at first sight!) and says to us, "Come follow me!"

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