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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 2024

Shia LaBeouf converts to Catholicism after being confirmed at New Year’s Eve Mass.

Today’s Gospel from John 1:35-42, presents us with a profound encounter between Jesus and His first disciples and offers us two pivotal questions to reflect upon.

The first question, posed by Jesus Himself, is, “What are you looking for?” 

This question goes beyond the surface, probing the depths of our hearts and souls. It asks us to consider our deepest desires and aspirations. 

What is it that we truly seek in life? Is it comfort, success, love, or something more profound? 

In the context of faith, this question invites us to reflect on our spiritual journey. Are we seeking a deeper relationship with God, a better understanding of His word, or ways to serve Him and our community more faithfully?

The second question, asked by the disciples, is, “Rabbi, where are you staying?” 

This question reflects a longing for closeness and a desire to be with Jesus, to learn from Him and to share in His life. It symbolizes our own quest for spiritual intimacy and the desire to dwell in the presence of God. 

As Christians, we are called not just to know about Jesus, but to live with Him, to invite Him into our daily lives, and to follow His teachings.

I saw in the news this week that the Actor Shia LaBeouf was Confirmed and received into the Catholic Church on New Year’s Eve. 

Shia's journey to faith is particularly notable given his turbulent past and public profile. Before his conversion, Shia's life was marked by professional success but also personal and legal troubles. 

Despite his accomplishments in films like "Transformers" and "Indiana Jones," Shia struggled with personal issues, including conflicts with the law and accusations of abusive behavior. His life, filled with turmoil, led him to a point of despair and searching for meaning.

Shia's path to conversion began in an unexpected manner while preparing for his role as Padre Pio. This process included spending significant time living with Franciscan Capuchin friars. 

It was during this period that Shia, who had been agnostic, found himself drawn to the Catholic faith. This journey of faith was a stark contrast to his previous lifestyle and beliefs. It represented a profound transformation, marked by a deepening spiritual curiosity and a move away from his past troubles.

Shia's conversion, culminating in his confirmation by Bishop Robert Barron, signifies a remarkable shift in his life. It is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the Church's ability to provide refuge and direction to those seeking redemption and meaning. 

Shia’s interest in becoming a deacon further illustrates his commitment to his newfound faith and his desire to serve.

Shia LaBeouf's spiritual journey vividly illustrates the Gospel's message today. It reminds us that no matter our past or the struggles we face, there is always a path to redemption and spiritual growth in Christ. 

His story encourages us to recognize the unexpected ways God might be speaking to us and drawing us closer to Him.

Are we actively seeking meaning in our relationship with Jesus? Do we recognize the unexpected ways God might be speaking to us or drawing us closer to Him? 

As we contemplate these questions, let us open our hearts to the transformative power of faith and the unexpected journeys it can take us on.

May we find what we are truly looking for in life and, like the disciples, have the courage to ask, “Rabbi, where are you staying?” and follow Christ wherever He leads us.


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Jan 14

Excellent homily! Inspiring story!

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