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6th Sunday of Easter 2024

If you were to type "I need relationship advice" into Google, you would be greeted with millions of responses. Every corner of the internet seems to overflow with tips, articles, podcasts, and videos, each promising the secret to lasting relationships and true love. 

In fact, on a whim, I recently did just that.  I went to Google and typed in “I need relationship advice.” and hit ‘ENTER’ and .49 seconds later I received 1,160,000,000 results!

In our digital age, where advice is but a click away, we find ourselves overwhelmed with information yet still searching, still yearning for that wisdom which can truly guide our hearts.

Yet, in today’s Gospel from John, we find perhaps the most profound relationship advice ever given—not through a search engine, but through the living Word of God. 

Jesus speaks to His disciples with a simple yet revolutionary command: "As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love." 

And He defines the ultimate expression of love by saying, "There is no greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends."

In a world teeming with countless voices telling us how to love, Jesus offers a message that is clear and counter-cultural. Love, as He describes, is not about taking but giving; not about gaining but sacrificing; not about conquering but surrendering. 

This is the love that transforms, the love that transcends every human boundary.

Jesus does not merely instruct; He acts. His command to love is intertwined with His own destiny—to lay down His life for us, His friends. This is the kind of sacrificial love that we are called to emulate. 

Think about what this means in practical terms. It means prioritizing others' needs, forgiving even when it hurts, staying faithful even when the road gets tough.

How, then, can we live out this radical love in our daily lives? 

We see examples all around us—perhaps in the parent who tirelessly cares for her child, in the neighbor who offers help without being asked, in the stranger who extends a hand in a time of need. 

Each act of self-giving love is a reflection of Christ's love for us.

This command to love as Jesus loved challenges us to our core. It asks us not only to love those who are easy to love but also those who challenge us. It invites us to look beyond our desires, to put aside our ego, and to step into a life of loving service.

So, next time you find yourself searching for relationship advice, remember what Jesus said about love. 

His is the guidance that cuts through the noise, offering not just tips but a transformation—a call to live, to love, and to become vessels of His divine love.

Let us pray for the grace to embrace this love, to embody it, and to share it. May we always strive to live by the words of Christ, who taught us by His example the true meaning of love.

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