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Easter 2024

The site of the Resurrection! The Edicule, also known as the Holy Edicule, is a small building in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem that encloses the remains of the cave where Jesus is believed to have been buried. I took this photo during my November 2022 visit to the Holy Land.

Every year we probably hear the Easter story a little differently. Where we are on own journeys to Jerusalem and Calvary affects what we hear and how we hear it.

If you are celebrating the safe return of a lost son or daughter, the empty tomb is the assurance of God's protection during the darkest nights and along the most dangerous roads.

If you are mourning the loss of a spouse or child or dear friend, the angel's question about "seeking the living among the dead" may be the first light of hope to illuminate your broken heart: the promise that the Risen Christ has lovingly taken your loved one to the dwelling place of his Father.

If you've lost your job or if you and your family are struggling financially, the moving of the immovable rock is a sign of God's grace enabling you to realize what is truly dear and important to you. In the sight of the stone rolled away, God extends his hand to lift you out of your despair and to help you realize the abilities and gifts you have that enable you to live your life with meaning and purpose.

The compassionate women who come to anoint the body of their beloved rabbi (who come to the tomb having no idea how they will move that stone), who first hear the good news and then become the first messengers of the resurrection, are God's exaltation of loving humility and selfless generosity over the certitude of wealth and power.

And in the midst of all of us is the Risen One himself, who takes up our crosses with us, who opens up the tombs that entrap us, who walks among us in every expression of compassion, in every act of generosity, in every experience of reconciliation and peace.

Every Easter, a different moment or figure in the Easter story speaks to our hearts and spirits, our fears and anxieties, depending on the circumstances and situations we are dealing with.

God speaks to us in the words of the angel, in the open grave, in the simple kindness of the myrrh bearers.

Whatever road you are traveling this Easter morning, whatever burial clothes you are struggling to free yourself from, whatever cross you are struggling to carry, may you find reason to hope - and may that hope free you to re-create your life in Easter joy, peace - and amazement.

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