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New Podcast Coming!

Photo by Sophie Looby

Join us as we embark on a spiritual journey through the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary with 'Days of Light: Reflections on the Luminous Mysteries,' a new podcast hosted by Father Chris from St. Mary's Church.

"Beginning this May 13th, discover the deep and profound insights of the Luminous Mysteries, from the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan to the institution of the Holy Eucharist. Each episode delves into one mystery, exploring its scriptural foundations, its significance in our lives today, and leading us in prayer.

Whether you’re at home, in your car, or taking a peaceful walk, 'Days of Light' offers you a chance to reflect, pray, and grow in your faith. Join Father Chris as he guides us through these powerful mysteries with wisdom and warmth.

Don't miss the premiere on May 13th and continue to join us throughout the week. Subscribe and listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts. Let's illuminate our days with the light of Christ through prayer and reflection.

"Days of Light: Reflections on the Luminous Mysteries’—because every day is an opportunity to shine brighter.

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