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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Today we celebrate the birthday of Mary who gave birth to our messiah, our salvation, our God...Jesus!

As the Mother of God Mary gives us the best advice on how to be disciples of her Son Jesus. It's found in John 1:2-11. It is the scene of Jesus' first miracle and Mary played an important role. Jesus, his mother and his disciples are in Cana for a wedding. They run out of wine. The wait staff and I am sure the couple and their families are embarrassed and are scrambling to figure out what to do. They certainly did not want the celebration to end too early!

Mary gets their attention and tells them, "Go to my Son and do what he tells you to do!"

Jesus tells them to bring to him jugs of water which he turns into wine. And not just any table house wine. The wine he miraculously creates from water is in fact the best wine that was served that day!

And there is the best advice on how to be a disciple of Jesus spoken by his mom - "Go to my Son. Listen to Him. Do what he tells you to do!"

Let us always follow our Blessed Mother's advice especially when we find ourselves in troubling situations. Lets us go to her Son, listen to Him and do what he tells us to do!

When we do we not only grow into the disciples we are meant to be but also miracles are bound to happen.

Happy Birthday, Mary!

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