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You've got a friend in me!

Where would we be without friends? Friends pick us up when we're feeling down. They lend a helping hand when we have a difficult and challenging project that we're working on. They give us another perspective when we have a problem to solve. They call us out when we're acting like knuckleheads.

God never intended for us to go through life alone. He also never intended discipleship and ministry to be a one person effort. We need to include other people our ministries of preaching, teaching and healing in the name of Jesus.

I am so grateful for my partners in ministry. There are so many to count. Many of them I have served on parish pastoral teams, school faculties, friends I've called for support and advice, and devoted parishioners who love their church and faith so much that they want to help their pastor.

Do you need help sharing the Good News? Give me a got a friend in me!

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