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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Have you ever wondered what opportunities we miss when we let fear guide our decisions?

In today's Gospel, we are presented with the Parable of the Talents, a profound lesson on the spiritual and personal risks of letting fear dictate our actions. This parable isn't just about financial stewardship; it's a reflection on what happens when we bury our God-given gifts in fear.

Consider the inspiring journey of Michael J. Fox. Known for his acting, his life off-screen has been marked by a long battle with Parkinson's disease. 

Despite the challenges, he has faced his condition with remarkable courage and optimism. In his own words: 

"The positivity is really sincere. I really feel it, and it’s genuine. But it’s hard-fought, and it’s hard won, I should say. This fear, we can find ways to just give ourselves a break, give ourselves credit for getting through life, on life’s terms. And in order to do that, you have to stop and say, ‘It’s not that bad — it’s not that bad.’ … They say the absence of fear is faith."

Fox's journey and his words remind us of the danger of letting fear control our actions, much like the servant who buried his talent in the Gospel. He shows us that optimism and positivity, even in the face of adversity, are not just a happy facade but a hard-won battle against fear.

We, too, often act like the fearful servant. We bury our talents, our dreams, and our potential in our fears, doubts, and insecurities. We fear failure, judgment, and sometimes, even success. Today's Gospel challenges us to rise above these fears. 

God has blessed each of us with unique talents and gifts, not just in skills and abilities, but in our capacity to love, forgive, encourage, and share our faith. When we let fear hold us back, we deny the world the blessings that come through these gifts.

In our parish communities here in Schroon Lake & Ticonderoga, each of you has something special to offer. Our strength lies in each member's willingness to share their gifts, to take risks, and to step out in faith, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Let us take inspiration from Michael J. Fox and the servants in the Gospel who wisely used their talents. Let us act, engage with our faith actively, and use our gifts for the betterment of our community and the glory of God.

As we continue with our Mass today, let us ask God for the courage to unearth our buried talents, to overcome our fears, and to live out our calling with faith and confidence. 

May we always remember that with God’s grace, we have the strength to do extraordinary things, even in the face of fear.

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